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ACAP’s experienced Kentico CMS consultants provide deep architectural and implementation knowledge in Kentico Portal design, information architecture, development and support. As the key strategic partner, we assist our clients with program inception, program management, organizational change management, change control, iteration planning/management, process and requirements definition, implementation, systems integration, test automation and execution, data migration, reporting/analytics and deployment. We offer a wide array of Kentico Modules that can be used to expedite implementation and reduce cost.

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Kentico Development by ACAP

Kentico CMS is an all-in-one web content management system (WCMS) that’s used to build websites for larger organizations, businesses communities, intranets and online stores. Kentico Development can be utilized for online marketing used to drive traffic to businesses running in the cloud as well as ones with physical setups. Its latest version Kentico v11 hit the market in December of 2017.
Kentico CMS runs over ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. Kentico Systems are administered through its portal engine, customizations and integrations can be built easily using .NET Framework as well as many other languages and frameworks with the Kentico web service API. Kentico plays very nicely with Microsoft Azure.

Kentico CMS Modules

This multi tenant content management system has modules for e-commerce, content management, versioning and collaboration, online marketing, roles and permissions, custom tables, workflows, online communities and many more.

The Features of Kentico CMS and Kentico Development

Based on the modules mentioned above, Kentico CMS provides the following features:

E-commerce: payment gateway integration and the creation of customizable processes for checkout
Online Marketing: it carries out A/B testing, marketing automation, and email marketing
Web Content Management: it works as a WYSIWYG editor, creates workflows and multilingual content. It’s also responsible for creating a responsive website design
Online communities: under Kentico Development Services for online communities, it’s used to create blogs, forums, and for facilitating social media integration
Intranet and Collaboration: through the SharePoint CMS Integration
Platform: platform offers Open API, Web Farm, and cloud support
It also supports online forms, groups, media libraries, image galleries, SEO, and full-text search, among others

The use of Kentico CMS provides partners and customers with not only powerful but comprehensive tools. ACAP is Kentico site of the year award winner and has been a Kentico Partner since 2008 providing complex, customer-specific solutions that facilitate the creation of breathtaking websites and seamless customer experiences through professional development. With different features integrated, Kentico offers the most dynamic of business environments.

Kentico CMS Development and Kentico content management solutions will give a rich selection of easy customizations, out-of-the-box parts for the web, as well as Open API solutions which shorten the time it takes to create a functional website.
Currently used by at least 18,000 websites across over 90 countries, Kentico CMS is proving to be one of the best e-commerce, CMS and Online Marketing platforms.
ACAP’s other solutions available include Custom Kentico Modules, Kentico CMS Consulting, Kentico Deployment, Social and Media Applications, Kentico Creative design, Site architecture, and planning content analysis and migration, server hosting, and admin/ user training.

If you are looking for an inclusive CMS based website that covers e-commerce, development of compelling content, flexible website development, and CMS, hire a Kentico developer from ACAP.

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