Why Kentico May Be the Way to Go for Some Web Projects

Kentico CMS is a flexible all-in-one solution for web developers to create professional, dynamic, scalable and feature-rich websites, that will engage your customers and keep them coming back. Kentico offers every digital marketing tool you need to succeed today, on a single platform, with a full-featured CMS platform and CRM capabilities including lead-scoring, personalization, e-commerce and marketing automation features.

Integrated Campaign Management

One of the most powerful Kentico features is an integrated campaign management tool that allows you to build, monitor and manage marketing campaigns from a single dashboard, as opposed to marketing and analytics being nested in different tools, then siloed and spread out across your organization. Kentico integrates everything, enabling wholistic collaboration and momentum. Whats more, you can analyze the impact of campaigns using open rates, lead scores or any other metric. As an example, you can have two e-books published on your website and track their downloads, user actions, lead intent, etc.

Automate Your Core Marketing Functions

Kentico’s marketing automation capabilities are by far superior to other technologies on the market. Kentico allows you to create custom user journeys on the basis of their behavior and preferences, using manual and automated triggers. These triggers can be event- or action-based, depending upon unique personalization needs for different user segments. For example, a customer comes to your e-commerce site and watches a promo video for a new product. Kentico will trigger a high lead score for this user and automatically send a personalized, urgency-driven offer to complete the purchase. If the purchase is made, Kentico takes the user to after-sales services/upselling. If no purchase is made, the lead score will be decreased, and Kentico will shift the lead to a different funnel for further developing.

What to Look for in a Kentico Development Company

There are many companies that advertise as Kentico development consultants, but they are not all alike. Who you choose will undoubtedly affect the quality and success of your website. A reputable and reliable Kentico developer will have deep knowledge and experience working with Kentico, and ample references and reviews. Look for a company that will discuss the challenges and opportunities of your particular situation. They can even help you define your project and plan your budget, which should include customized Kentico solutions as well as existing Kentico plug-ins that can expedite implementation and reduce costs.

Ready for the Next Step? Find a Kentico Development Company.
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