How to Find a Kentico Developer for Your Business

Kentico is a flexible all-in-one platform used by web developers to create cutting edge, feature-rich, highly functional websites with CMS, online marketing and e-commerce all on a single platform. With the latest Kentico release, it is becoming more popular to use Kentico. Increasingly, companies are outsourcing to Kentico developers, rather than taking on the project in house, and for good reason.

There are literally hundreds of companies that promote Kentico development capabilities, but choose carefully. When it comes to Kentico, experience matters. The quality of the project relies heavily on the expertise, creativity, efficiency and reliability of the developers. Often times software companies mistakenly think their team can handle a Kentico project, despite not specializing in Kentico, only to realize that they are in over their heads, but it’s too late with time lost and money spent.

When selecting a Kentico partner company, be sure that they have deep experience and can demonstrate their knowledge in Kentico, as well as provide several samples and stats for their previous projects.

Try to get a sense as to whether the company has a genuine interest in your success, or is more focused on increasing their client list. As with any trending technology, everyone wants to jump on the Kentico bandwagon, so be weary of companies more interested in their portfolio than your success.

A good Kentico developer should be able to answer any and all of your questions, and they should have some questions for you too. If they can’t or don’t, then it’s best to keep looking. Also, ask for references and call several of them. Don’t just rely on reviews.

As with anything of great value, you get what you pay for with Kentico developers, so don’t expect the best fit for your business to be the lowest bidder. Your website is an investment and who you hire to build it can make or break your business. Typically, the returns are by far worth any incremental spend.

Hire a team that offers post-delivery services and support, because you will need technical assistance and support from experts at Kentico, especially in the early stages.

Choose a company that is proactive with communication in terms of sharing process details and development status for the Kentico project, so there are no surprises and you can stay connected in real time throughout the life of the project.

Ready for the Next Step? Find a Kentico Developer.

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